Monday, November 12, 2012

Scrappy Scatter Cushion

I LOVE Cushions !!
and I HATE waste!
So I am just super thrilled with this little scatter cushion
I made today from some leftover bag-making scraps !

Look at the floor of my sewing space below !
It is covered in half cut-out bags - I've been cutting away all weekend.
As I was cutting out the bags the scraps were piling  up and I thought they looked pretty good together.

The scraps were long triangles and I figured there was SOMETHING I could do with them.
So I sewed them all together,
added a few strips of yummy ribbon and taaa daa!!!!
(yes ANOTHER picture !)

I backed the cushion cover in some lovely velvet remnants I had to hand
and made it a super easy envelope style cover.
The cushion is not a 'regular' size. Its 17in x 11in ,
so I de-constructed an existing cushion pad and sewed up an inner cushion to suit from lining material.

This was a great little project - I am ridiculously thrilled with the results (can you tell!)
I will do a tutorial soon ... I promise!
First though I'd better turn my attention back to those bags; they won't sew themselves! !!

Thank you for visiting & please do call again!

Siubhan x x x


  1. Awesome use of scraps. I keep all of mine because they can become something, even if its just a little mug rug.

  2. Awesome! I love it that you don't have any waste.

  3. I'm not surprised you are pleased, it's a lovely cushion :)
    I too can't bear waste and have a drawer full of 'scraps' that I regularly delve in to

  4. You SHOULD be ridiculously pleased with the results: it turned out fabulous! I love how you just let your creativity take center stage....

    hugs x

    enjoy your pillow!


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