Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Free Tutorial - County Christmas Cushion

Hi folks !
Its beginning to feel a lot like ......
Christmas decoration making time !!! yayy!
Well I'm been super busy with my lovely crochet snowflakes over the past week
(think I may even be able to crochet them in my sleep at this stage!)
and I love them soooo much thought I might just come up with an idea or two
to use them in other festive ways.
I've also been scheming of ways to use the ribbon I received from the lovely people
at Abakhan through the tutorial exchange at Totally Tutorials.

So here's a little tutorial I put together this morning for a

Country Style Mini Pillow Christmas Decoration With Ribbons & Crochet
(he! he! now that's a mouthful !) Its a super easy and fun little project - took me about half an hour

Here's what your going to need -

Some yarn & a crochet hook
Hessian or Burlap 2 pieces - mine were 7in x 9in
Some scraps of Christmas Ribbon
Wadding or stuffing (I used some leftover stuffing from my scatter cushion)
Sewing needle & thread

Lets get started !

2 pieces of hessian (burlap) , mine were 7in wide x  9in high but you can use any size you fancy.

Lay your Christmas ribbon down across one piece in a random pattern, pin it all down when your happy :)
Pin about 4 inches of ribbon in the centre of the top of your burlap (this will be your hanger)
Lay your pieces right sides together and whip out the machine & stitch all round the cushion leaving a 3 inch gap at the bottom for turning out and stuffing.
I like to double stitch (go over it twice) as the weave is so open on the material)
Trim the excess & trim your corners
Now carefully remove all your pins & turn right side out , carefully push out the corners.

Time for some Christmas Stuffing ( he he ! Couldn't resist! )

When your cushion is stuffed , hand sew the opening closed with coordinating thread.
Ahhh! Now we're getting somewhere !
 Next up the mini crochet snowflake...
'Whaaa!!' I hear you cry 'I can't crochet!!!'
Well that's why I'm here ! Its easy!!

Grab a crochet hook & some yarn you only need three stitches to make a snowflake -
Chain (C)
Slip Stitch (SS)
& heres where things get a little hairy! one more simple stitch called
Double Crochet (DC) (UK) or Single Crochet (SC) (USA)

You can learn how to make these 3 stitches HERE, HERE and HERE
Got it ? Great then lets make a mini snowflake! ...

Chain 4 
Join your chain with a slip stitch (ss) to form a loop.
Working into the loop chain 2, 1 Double crochet (US- Single), Chain 3 
2 Double Crochet in the loop (as above) then chain 3 - do this 3 more times 
 then SS into the 2nd chain of your initial ch 2. now you've formed a cute little 5 pointed star shape.
Slip stitch into the closest loop (formed by your chain 3 in the previous round) & do the following-
DC, Chain 3, DC, Chain 5, DC, Chain 3, DC
Now move onto the next loop and do it all again !
DC, Chain 3, DC, Chain 5, DC, Chain 3, DC
Continue in each of the 5 loops ...
SS into the base of your first DC and hey presto ! Your done !!

You can at this point block your crochet snowflake if you like. The difference between blocking & not blocking is demonstrated in the photo of a larger snowflake below - the snowflake on the right has been blocked.

& this is how you do it - pin your snowflake open on a folded towel (I use some foam behind my towel to save the table). Spray with water or a spray starch & then leave to dry. Its a simple as that !

Sew that critter on to the front of your mini cushion & wayyy hey!!
Your done ! Now all you've to do is decide where to hang your creation !
It will look great hanging on a door handle or on a hook and what a lovely Christmas gift it would make !

Thank you for visiting & do come back soon !

Love Siubhan x x x


  1. This pillow is so cute. I can not wait to get a sewing machine again! I'm having a, "It's a Social Hop like Crazy" party. I'd love for you to hop on over, grab a button and link up your blog.

    Have a crazy beautiful weekend!

  2. adorable! I'm a HUGE fan of burlap-it's versatile with so many colors and it is so inexpensive! Beautiful!

    1. I'd never used burlap before but I really enjoyed it Kate, I'm thinking I'll make a draft excluder in a similar way with the remnants x Thanks for popping by x

  3. You make it all sound so simple. Crocheting still seems a mystery to me though!

    1. Oh go on Helen give it a go ! Its easy ! I promise!! x

  4. That is one cute tutorial, thanks for sharing.

    1. Your more than welcome! & thanks for visiting x

  5. What a great tutorial. I think I know someone who might like one. It looks so pretty and the snowflake really makes it special. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali ! The snowflake does finish it off nicely though I have to admit Im going a bit snowflake crazy at the min! x

  6. Your cushion is really cute - what a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing.

  7. This is a really great idea and a good way to use a snowflake. I may just be using your pattern so thank you.

    1. OoooHH ! If you make some I'd LOVE to see them !!! x

  8. Love the rustic, country feel to this... thanks so much for sharing that great tutorial too!
    Alison x

    1. Thanks Alison ! Its got a really rustic feel to it alright! x

  9. So adorable!!!! And the crocheted snowflake is cute! I'm pinning this to my Christmas Crafts board!!!

    Submarine Sunday Link Party

    1. Thanks T'onna ! I'm going to pop by yours now for a look at that link party you've got going on ! x


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