Monday, November 5, 2012

Just for Me!

Two little projects just for me!
- one completed and one I might just save until Christmas after my day in the vintage market!
I decided that it was time to make myself a lovely bag to advertise my bag making skills ...should I EVER get around to actually selling bags rather than giving them away!
Heres the bag I made MYSELF following a pattern shared by the very generous at Crystelle boutique.
Just click on the links to download the PDF (her instructions are really detailed and lots of photos to help you too)

Isn't it cute! Its made from some really funky dotty vinyl material I found in Hickeys and some odd scraps from my stash - just the thing for keeping the rain off my valuables in the coming winter!

One of my favorite features of this bag are the really nice ties on either end and the two external pockets.

Its lined with some floral French prints from my stash and 'Whats that IN the bag!' I hear you cry!
Well... that's project number two. I really wanted to go to the Knit & Stitch show in The RDS this weekend but I knew I'd spend too much money on fabric and yarn (and probably 100's of other things I cant even imagine!). we also had visitors for the weekend so I went into my local knitting shop and  treated myself !

Six balls of scrummy yummy (& pretty expensive!) Cashmerino from Debbie Bliss. Its probably the most I've ever spent on yarn for one project in one go. I normally buy yarn in the sales or just the cheaper acrylic yarns. I chose the colours to match another bag I own and love but I think they'll go quite well with my new one too.I'm going to crochet a scarf or a cowl - I'm thinking something wavy like my lovely blanket (which I'm still working on !) I've been busy trawling through Ravelry & the Lion Brand Site for free patterns and inspiration.

Off now to invent a fabric cover for the beloveds kindle. If its a success I'll share a tutorial later in the week !

Thank you for visiting & please do come back soon !

Love Siubhan x x x


  1. Your bag looks lovely. I think pockets are essentials and there are never enough in shop-bought bags. Love the fabrics you've chosen too.

  2. Man, you had to show me a new cute bag didn't ya?!?!?! The fabric is adorable and I love the little knots on the side :) Great job! I sold my first bag this week and am getting it int he mail this am. You'd think I'd be sending a very breakable glass for the amount of care I'm giving it LOL :)

    Great work!

  3. Your bag turned out MORE than adorable! I love the fabrics you choose. You are quite the seamstress! And what a great place to store your cashmerino.... yummy yummy....!
    Have fun with your new project, and ..... thank you so much for linking back to my blog and telling people about the free pattern...
    Have a very fun and creative week... :)

    hugs ~ Crystelle

  4. Pretty! Love the bows =) I hate how I always make only one of all the projects which I then give away for Christmas or birthdays or whatever. I should make something for me, too! =)

  5. Lovely bag and the colour is really nice. You have done a really neat job and the bow finishes it off nicely.

  6. Gorgeous bag. I love the fact you had the wool hiding inside, wasn't expecting that.
    Ali x

  7. Fabulous bag, I love the ties on the side, they really finish it off.

  8. Lovely bag and you are right that the ties at the end are a great detail

  9. I love that bag all over. I also love the wool. I am afraid that I have been convinced that using quality wool is really worth it - so be warned!

  10. Love that bag! Cute and functional, what could be better? Also - I love your background image of the ribbon. :)


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