Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ma belle-sœur

Todays a very exciting day in the CraftLee house as we are all thinking about my sister in law, (ma belle-sœur in french) - I love that because she is indeed very belle & lovely! She goes into hospital to have her third child today.
Whilst she's in there, keeping herself busy and out of harms way, (with any luck painting her toenails & reading 'Grazia' though I doubt it somehow!!)

I thought I'd share with you one of the little presents I've made for the new arrival.....

We don't know if its a little baby boy or girl yet so I had to go with something 'gender neutral'....

A wavy blanket of baby zig-zags in shades of primrose, mocca, cream & aqua.
Its taken me about 3 weeks to get it made but I'm pretty delighted with the results !

I followed the pattern in Niki Trench's great book 'Cute and Easy Crochet'. I think I've made almost every project in this book by now. if your looking for a first book of crochet projects its really hard to beat!

Tempted to start another one straight away as theres something really relaxing about seeing all those waves growing into a lovely snuggly blanket.

If its a girl, I may add a few little flowers just to pretty it up a bit more...

 I know, I know its only one blanket HOW many pictures ?!?! I'm just delighted to have it finished in time before the little prince or princess arrives !

You get the picture! now, just for fun, heres Cooper napping at my feel in a lovely warm ray of sunshine !

Have a lovely Sunday & thank you for visiting !


Siubhán x x x

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Visit to Kinsale Pottery - part two (The results show!)

Well ...
Sitting here watching the 'Britians got talent' results show and I just remebered I forgot to share with you the results of our day workshop in Kinsale pottery (you can see the details of that day out here!)

The beloved very kindly drove me to Kinsale and we collected our work.
I'm pretty chuffed with the results ....

I've a feeling your going to see a bit more of this one !

The Lighthouse

Lornas Wizard looks fantastic now its been glazed.

Will have to get some ribbon & a very secure hook organised for these !
The one thing I couldn't get over was how much everything had shrunk ! The clay dries out and shrinks in the kiln but I hadn't realised exactly how much. So thats pretty much it \i really enjoyed working with clay and I fully intend to do it again someday soon.

What about the fantabulous mugs I hear you cry ?!?
They came out really well .....just perfect for a reward cuppa of lovely coffee for my driver !

The beloved asked that I let you all know the sun was reflecting on the lens and hes not really sporting a mop of grey/green hair a la the incredible hulk !!

Thanks for visiting & come back soon !

Siubhan x x x

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A busy week so far !

I have been busy this week, may not have all the pictures to show for it but promise you I have !!

This week in my day job I had a very big event on Tuesday,
the launch of the 2012 Ocean to City Maritime Festival.
Its kinda been my baby for the past eight years
(but not for too much longer! - more about that another day!)

Here's me, looking like a bit of a twit between two very dashing men in uniform !

Anyway yesterday we launched
in the beautiful penthouse suite in the Clarion hotel (yayyy!!) 
in the rain (uugghh!!!)
it involved lots of photos (yayyy!)
with me in them (uuugghh!!)
and lots of people turned up (yayyy!!!)
and I had to speak in public (uuugghh!!!).

Anyway we did get some publicity out of it & I even got my mugshot in the paper ! here and here !

So heres the latest bags I've been working on ....

I AM getting fond of hanging bags from trees!!

I love the dotty lining in this one !
I DO love these bows .... think I might try make a bag with 3 big bows down the front.
I like the colours in this bag but maybe, like me,
your getting a little fed up of the same old style of bag, so.....
I've had some shoe patterned fabric burning a hole in my stash for ages now so last weekend I made a casual summer clutch for a good friend of mine Mary from "Love your shoes"

I like the shape but think it needs a bow or a flower to jazz it up ... don't you ?

Only had a fat quarter of patterned material so I very sneakily split it between a pocket & one half of the lining !
Look out for some different bags soon as i took delivery of two fantastic bag making books today.
More about them soon !
Whilst I was in the garden I took two more pictures for you ...

We've got tonnes of bluebells pushing through everywhere at the moment.

And theres some goosberries growing on the gooseberry bush !!! (even more than the harvest of 4 whole berries I had last year!!!)

I'm looking forward to the jam-making days ahead!

Thank you for visiting !

Siubhan x x x

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