Friday, November 2, 2012

Featured Finds Friday ! # 1

Hi guys,
I've been thinking of having a feature day on CraftLee on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
Friday seems as good a day as any to start so here we are
- my Very First Featured Finds Friday !
(try saying that very fast 10 times after two glasses of wine!).
My very first Featured Find is a consists of 2 sites that you may, or may not, have heard of
- Totally Tutorials & Abakhan

I was super thrilled last week when my Flower Brooch Tutorial featured on the fantastic Totally Tutorials blog. It is SO worth a visit, there are tutorials available for every kind of crafty goodness linking back to sooo many interesting and fun blogs out there. Its SUCH a good idea ! Bloggers can submit their tutorials and if they are selected then they will feature on the site and bring lots of new readers to mooch around your blog ! Its also great place to hang out for an inspirational browse !!

Totally Tutorials Blog

& THATS NOT ALL !! There is also an inspired exchange programme where suppliers are matched up with crafters - the crafty folk get supplies to play with & suppliers get fresh new tutorial featuring their product - WIN! WIN!

So the big news this week is *drumroll please!* I have been selected to receive some FREE STUFF!!!
The supplier is a UK based company called Abakhan , they are suppliers of yarn, fabrics, hobby supplies and homewares. They have a lovely website, click on the picture below to get there!

I am hassling my poor postman daily as I await their parcel with my ribbons !!
Ribbons !!! Yayyy!!!
I'm so excited ! and so nervous
- what if my ribbons are icky colours?
What if I jam my hand in the car door and cant get the tutorial done in time ?
what if I cant come up with something to make ? ....
To that end I've been pinning away till my hears content on pinterest this week - I've even made specific board called 'A Ribbon Runs Through it....'
Why not follow along ?

Here's some of my favourite pins thus far ....
Who am I kidding - I LOVE all my pins !!

Think I may hear the postman ! Thank you for visiting & please do come back soon !

Love Siubhan x x x


  1. How EXCITING for you!!!! I'd be stalking the postmaster too LOL~ I adore ribbon and have seen some great ideas on Pinterest. I tend to gravitate toward ribbon weaving because you can mix-n-match the colors. Heck, if you weave a large enough grid, interface the back of it and make a pouch!

    Have fun!

    1. Hi Cindy ! I KNOW !! Super excited !! I am thinking about something woven, maybe incorporated into a pincushion or larger piece.... I'm dreaming about ribbons ! Off now to find your boards on piterest and follow them !

      S x

  2. Thanks so much for the feature Siubhan. I appreciate the shout out for the Totally Tutorials blog, and can't wait to see what you come up with for your ribbon.


    1. Your very welcome Kym & thanks for dropping by x

  3. Thanks for letting us know about totally tutorial and congrats on receiving your freebies. Can't wait to see what you make.
    Ali x

    1. Thanks Ali! Hope you enjoy your visit to Totally Tutorials !! & I can't wait to see what I make too !! ( changing my mind daily !!!
      S x

  4. I really love those ideas! =) Well, and getting free crafting material is a total win! =) Hope you have a fun time with it (and it's not icky colors ;-)

    It's so great that you decided to make the rounds of everyone who is part of Craftbotic's Facebook Follow fest - I will do that now, too. Wanted to mail you back, but you seem to be a noreply-blogger (because of the google+ thing). Here's a link how you might fix that:

    xo Anja

  5. heey,
    I loved your blog!
    Can you please follow me back? (i follow already)
    If you want, please, follow my twitter, I'd appreciate!!

  6. Great blog so happy to hear bout your freebies and thinking of the fun you will have creating something wonderful with your parcel of ribbon!! enjoy ;)

  7. ooooh love some of these!! :)


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