Wednesday, February 12, 2014

First adventures in Pin-Tucking !

Hello there!

I've become a bit obsessed by pin-tucking over the past few weeks.

Years ago we had two lovely red velevet circular pin-tucked cushions that my mother made in a nightclass.
they looked a bit like this fab cushion from Four Square Walls  ...


I'd forgotten all about these lovely cushions until recently, when I bought this lovely heavy teal velvet remnant in the local Drapery Shop

I went on a Pinterest hunt for some tutorials (pop over & visit my Perfect Pillows & Cool Cushions board )
I love the look of the circular cushions but thought it might be a bit difficult for a first pintuck project (I also DREAD the thought of trying to cover a button !)

All of my sewing machines are on the blink and I'm feeling a bit 'Meh!' about my current crochet project so this is the perfect time to attemp a hand sewing adventure. After only 2 rows I was hooked !

Here's where I am so far ...

Its not perfect but its not bad ! & I've really enjoyed sewing away in front of the TV all this week.

The velvet is such a lovely colour. Would you like to see the back too ?

Not unlike crochet its a nice rythmic task (and easy to see when you've made a mistake !
Now all I need to do is get my sewing machine fixed and I can turn this into a fab cushion for my sitting room. I intend to back the cushion in another fabric - I don't have enough of this velvet and I want to make a matching pair. When I make the next cushion I'll create a tutorial too !

Here's another two of my other favourite pin tucking tutorials for the 'to do' list !

Loving these colours from ...
 ans this hot pink cushion from has to be tackled very soon ....

Thanks for visiting & do come back soon !

Love Siubhán x x x

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