Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Holly Day!

Is there anything nicer than getting a parcel in the post ?
Every month I thank myself for taking out a subscription to the wonderful  Simply Crochet Magazine - when I find it in the letter box the kettle goes on and I spend hours Ohh!ing and Ahh!ing over all the lovely crochet projects within. I havent had much time for crafting recently (you may have noticed!) as Ive been so busy working as a coordinator for a local crafts collective Cork Craft & Design and Christmas is a SUPER busy time for craft !!

Anyway, back to Simply Crochet - I was really taken with this lovely holly project ....

Whipped out the crochet hook (its a wonder it hadn't rusted!)
and gave them a go !
Disaster !
Mine turned out more like a green delapidated bat than anything resembling a holly leaf!
I blame my new (great looking but highly impractical) gel nails !!

Before the bat was consigned to the bin I decided to fiddle around with it a little and see if something couldnt be salvaged ...Ta Daaaa!!!!

With the addition of  ribbon scraps & a cute button & I think I've managed to turn this 'fail' into a 'win' as a gift embelishment ! I love it when a plan comes together !

Hope your having a lovely time getting ready for Christmas too !

Lots of Love ,


  1. That red makes the label really pop! I like it when a good make which goes into a disaster, then, back into a good make again!

  2. It's a lovely holly leaf. What a great idea to use it to embellish the gift wrapping. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

  3. A lovely gift embellishment, have a fabulous Christmas

  4. looks pretty and good idea to turn it into wrapping accessory :) well done (found via handmade monday blog link)


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