Thursday, August 29, 2013

Late summer Catch Up !

Whooah !
Where has our lovely summer gone !!??
Still nice and sunny out there in the evenings but the kids went back to school today so I suppose that really means the end of Summer ! :(
And what a busy one its been for me !!

I've been having a great time promoting Cork Craft throughout the City & County this month
Here's a quick pictorial peek at some of the fun I've been having ....

Craft Month kicked off with the Blarney sculpture trail in the grounds of Blarney castle where the world famous Blarney Stone can be found. here is a teeny-weeney selection of the work that can be found in the castle grounds till late September...

Its really worth a look !!

Then on to beautiful Kinsale where there was an amazing exhibition of some gallery pieces from our local Crafts people. The show was entitled 'Cruth' which is the Irish for 'shape' . Here are some pictures from the show.

And a lovely professional shot
of one of my favourite pieces by Carmel Creaner Textile artist (her work is on the wall!)
& Lol O'Driscoll created this amazing headpiece ....

We've had other exhibitions including 'Woodspun' an amazing collection of woodturned pieces in the CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery 

And we are now knee deep in our Pop-Up Shop event in Douglas Village Shopping centre

Actually I think the shop deserves a post all of its own !
I'll take some more photos and share them with you soon ! I promise !

Siubhan  x x x

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