Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blanket Blitz

Hello there,
I know I've been very quiet lately as I feel like I have been doing very little craft.

My sewing machine is on the blink (grrr!)  and there just never seems to be enough hours in the day...

Yet (almost) every evening I'm hooking away at some little project or another and when you gather them all together they make quite a nice little collection.

Meet some of the crochet blankets that have been hanging around our house ...

Lornas Wavy Crochet Blanket , currently adorning her VERY messy room
I loved making this blanket and Lorna does love it - its quite big - covering her bed in squidgy snuggly waves. If youve oodles of time on your hands and you'd like to make a similar blanket you'll find the instructions HERE by the wonderful Lucy at Attic 24. Hers is made in beautiful (but expensive) Cashmerino , mine is made from 'cheap as chips' acrylic yarns.

As the daughter has a blanket, so must the son ...
Here's Gavins Blanket.

Gavins Crochet Blanket - lives in his 'not so messy' room !

Not quite so girly I started this blanket as a way of using up two ENORMOUS balls of grey yarn I bought in Aldi ! Another one of Lucy's patterns you'll find it HERE.

At the moment i seem to be addicted to making baby blankets, Heres a nice wiggly one I made 2 summers ago , it currently resides on my office chair for chilly moments ...

My Office Crochet Blanket - brings in a bit of sunshine on grey days

The next one is a cotton blanket I made for 2 friends who are expecting a new arrival in May,
(we don't know if its a boy or a girl yet!) Much like the blanket I made in this post - I followed the Niki Trench pattern and really enjoyed working in cotton.

When I was in the yarn shop I spotted some lovely pink cottons too and just couldn't resist ! I found this wonderfull snuggly stitch created by Tamara at Moogly. Go visit her page !

Leaping Stripes & Blocks - LOVE this stitch !!!

Baby Blankets - Yup ! I AM tempted to make a blue one !

And finally a sneek peek the blanket I'm working on at present ...
It's very incomplete and taking simply AGES but I'll be sure and come back to share it with you when its done !

Ahhhhh !
Looking at all that colourful crochet goodness has cheered me up on this grey winters day  !
Thanks for visiting & come back soon !

Siubhan x x x


  1. How lovely! Welcome back to Blogland!

  2. You clearly have been very very busy! I love the bright colours you've used in your blankets, a perfect antidote to the grey and wet days

    1. Thanks Lucy ! They sure are cheery ! (especially when they are neatly stacked !!)

  3. Welcome back, it's sometimes difficult to keep going with the blog especially when there are kiddies and jobs needing your attention but I love the splash of colour in this post. my 2 'kiddies' still have their granny square blankets made when they first went into a bed from a cot. (The kiddies are now both in their 30's)

    Jan x

    1. Thanks Jan ! Its nice to be back !
      It is just so difficult to do it ALL but I did miss blogging !!!

      My 'kiddies' are 17 & 18 (can't belive it !) so these 2 creations might be cheering up some studenty bedsit soon !! Lovely to think your kids still have theirs (& will do for many years to come no doubt !)

      S x


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