Friday, March 30, 2012

My first ever home-sewn bag !

I say 'first' because I've already started cutting out the material for my second one of these fab bags!

I've always wanted to try my hand at sewing a bag, so when I saw the cute Tohoku Tote by the beautiful Cheri over at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar I just HAD to give it a go!

I had a fairly steep learning curve from not being able to even thread the sewing machine to being able to thread it with two hands tied behind my back blindfolded !

Seven hours later, after poking myself in the face with the scissors about 10 times (I kid you not!), breaking TWO needles in the sewing machine.....
Taaa Daaaa!!!!
My first ever home sewn bag ...

I'm pretty chuffed with myself! Ive decied to call this the 'Niamh Bag' as i will be gifting it to my lovely sister in lieu of the birthday card she never recieved !!

The top and handles were made from a lovely red brushed cotton remnant and the body of the bag is an upholstery fabric remnant.

I lined the inside with some 'snowflake' patterned material (another remnant) and I can't wait to make some more of these lovely bags ... hopefully the next one wont take me seven hours!!

Ther is such a great sense of achievement when you finish a project ! Have you ever made a bag ?
If so, I'd love to hear about it !

Siubhán x x x


  1. You TOTALLY rocked this! You look like a pro. The bag is flawless! I love the fabric on the outside. I'm sure your sister will enjoy it much more than the b-day card! Thanks for sharing this with me. Great work!


  2. Thanks Cheri !
    I'm delighted that you took the time to pop in & look at my bag. I delivered it to my sister this weekend (along with a matching make-up purse) and she WAS thrilled !

    Siubhan x

  3. Beautiful bag great job. I made one also over here!

    come check it out.

  4. great bag love the color i am having problems with mine i hav pleated the front and th back. but its smaller and its curved at the bottom now, i have squared it off, but the inner is now too big.

  5. I am currently starting this project and have been going through the comments - came across yours. This looks so great!!!

    1. Thanks so much !! Seems like such a long time ago now ! Dont seem to have much bag-making time on my hands these days.



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