Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wash-Day Blues

The title of this post may be a bit of a misnomer, considering no one single day is 'wash-day' in the CraftLee House .... every day is washday !
The last few days have been a busy time in the laundry after a trip to my family in Donegal this weekend.

Heres a really beautiful shot of Errigal, Co Donegal (the second highest mountain in Ireland) taken by my old friend (the super tallented) John Rafferty, marine photographer.

oh!!! & I can't resist posting another one John's photos of the fantastically named 'Poisioned Glen'

Isn't that beautiful?

Back to the Wash-Day Blues....I seem to have spent a lot of time washing, drying, ironing folding and putting away since I've come home.
I even sorted through the odd-sock pile yesterday... Where oh! WHERE do they all come from ?!
Somehow I always imagine that all the mates to my ever increasing collection of odd socks are off somewhere sunny having waaayyyy more fun than the poor socks that are left behind !
Does anyone out there have a crafty idea to use up a waist high pile of odd socks?

Anyway I've been dying to call a post 'Wash-day Blues' just for an excuse to share with you  some cotton facecloths I made.....Taa Daa!!

Not quite as impressive as the Poisioned Glen I grant you, but much handier for washing your face with !

Two simple crochet squares made from two 'odd' balls of cotton I picked up in France last summer.
I followed the pattern from 'Cute and easy crochet' by Niki Trench

Out of my yarn stash & into the batroom....

A very quick project I made two in one night !

I'm off now to soak one of these puppies in cool water
(or maybe some ice-cold Sauvingon Blanc) 
& drape it over my tired eyes after a long day in front of the computer!

Thanks for visiting !

Siubhan x x x


  1. Hi Siubhan,

    What absolutely stunning photographs they are! Breathtaking.

    The washcloths turned out well. they look terrific in your bathroom. Perfect colour.


  2. Hi Fi,
    Thanks for your kind comments! The photos are beautiful and the thing is thats just how beautiful the countryside IS up in Donegal!
    I finally took the plunge & actually WET my washcloths last night...they were lovely and soft to use too!

    Siubhán x x x


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