Sunday, March 4, 2012

Papercraft and the Post...

I didn't want to post another crochet project straight away
so I thought I would share a few little papercraft projects with you.
Its a ball made from Kusudama flowers, I found the tutorial online at Folding .
The tutorial comes in two parts, the first part is how to fold and glue the individual kusudama flowers.

It was quite a fiddly task making all the individual kusudama flowers...

They require lots of patience, careful cutting, plenty of fiddling with glue & many, many clothes pegs!
But I really liked the look of the finished ball featured in part two so I had to keep going..........

until finally TAAA DAH!!
I had THIS !

Glueing a combination of the 3 different coloured flowers all together, I made this pretty hanging decoration.

Its currently hanging on the guest bedroom door , maybe I should make some more in springtime colours to decorate the house for easter ? What do you think?

The next papery project concludes with a bit of a mystery...
Well it started off happily enough, my beautiful sister and her equally beautiful (but much sassier!) daughter celebrate their birthdays this week.
I made two cards; one for my sister.....

featuring watercolours, pen and the recycling of a bunny from her  last years birthday card to me!
And one for my niece....

featuring some lovely little felt bunnies I picked up in Paperchase last year.
Having found the card stock, the glue, the pens, the paints, the water jar, the brushes, the scissors, the bunnies and the beads; it was totally beyond me to put my hand on an envelope,
so I popped the cards in my handbag and headed off to the post office to but two envelopes ...
got to the post office...
hand in bag.......NO CARDS !
Decided I had left them at home (could even picture them , back home on the kitchen counter!)
Went home .... NO CARDS !

So SOMEWHERE in this sprawling metropolis
SOMEONE is in posession of these two handmade cards
and I am hoping that when my lovely sister sees that I DID make her a card
she'll forgive me for not having had one from me to open on her birthday !

I have a crafty plan to make it up to her that I might just share with you next time ...

Thanks for visiting,

Siubhan x


  1. hi there and welcome to the world of blogging, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment its a great feeling when you get comments, makes it all worthwhile, love your crochet especially the shawl, what a shame about your birthday cards

  2. hi again forgot about sock monkeys, first one was made from a kit then I did find a tutorial online for them great fun to make and so easy

    1. Thanks Joan !
      For visiting, your lovely comments & of course following little ole me! I think my sister has forgiven me already about the birthday cards!! (luckily I had the photographic evidence!)

      Did you know my name, is your name, in gaelic !?

      S x

  3. Well, you are certainly off to a great start to your blog! Wonderful cards and the crochet... wish I knew how to do that! The paper flower decoration is precious! I would be making those for every room in the house if I were you! Too cute!

  4. Thanks you Amanda for your kind words & encouragment ! I really love your blog too !

  5. These are LOVELY!!!!

    Oh, and your mohair shawl is lovely too! SO happy you stopped by. I'm now a follower :)

    1. Thank you so much ! & SNAP! I'm a follower of yours ! x


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