Monday, September 24, 2012

Wave Goodbye to Summer

Autumn is truly on the way so I decided to cheer myself up with a wonderful wavy project to keep my fingers busy as the nights close in (and use up some of the yarn stash that is now genuinely threatening to take over the house!).
I have long since been an admirer of the lovely & talented  Lucy over at Attic 24 and she has the best ever ripple pattern with idiot proof step by step directions.
Just look at the results !

 I have re-purposed my second Summer beach bag as a yarn bag & we're off !

I'm on the 38th row with a starting chain of 219 so that's um......8322 stitches of wavy fun so far!

My daughter has 'claimed' the finished blanket for her apartment  when she moves away to college ...... that should be in a mere 2 years time
so that's my deadline and I'm sticking to it!

Thanks for visiting! & hope you have a lovely week!

Siubhan x x x


  1. Beautiful rich colours, it's going to look stunning as it grows....wishing you lots of ripplesome fun with it!

    1. Thank you Lucy & honored you dropped by to have a peek ! X x x

  2. Knitting is the one craft I have not been able to master. I'm pathetic at it! LOL. The blanket is beautiful, and so is the bag. Have a fantastic week ;-) Cindy

  3. Siubhan - that's so beautiful! I saw a similiar blanket on Pickles last year but never got around to making it. I'm jealous!
    p.s. lovely blogging there lady! Keep it up!


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