Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flowers !! OW!

Obviously I'm a lot less in touch with the seasons than I thought, when the rest of the blogosphere is getting all geared up for Halloween I'm busy making felt and fabric flowers ....

I saw this flower brooch post and from the lovely Megan at not Martha just couldn't resist !
Out came the stash of felt
out came the scissors
out came the tissue box from recycling
& (OW)T came (the beloved's) hot glue first time using a hot glue gun and what a disaster!!
Fantastic glueing BUT it dripped on the table,
it dribbled on the floor,
it leaked on my felt,
it splattered on the fabric
& then finally the inevitable happened and it dripped on ME !!! OWWW!!!!
I won't share the intimate details of how blinking sore it was & the size of a blister I gave myself,
but needless to say the HOT Glue Gun is henceforth banned from my arsenal of crafty tools!

Anyway enough of my life threatening injuries for one day, look at some of the flowers I made !!!
featured on saome of the bags I made!
Taaa Daaa!!!!

The first flower on a shoe lovers clutch no 1 option for Mary at Love your shoes

clutch from a repurposed silk shirt i loved and ripped!!
Option no 2 for shoe lovers clutch (no matter what I do I can't get it to turn around the right way!)

and finally a sneak peek at another felt flower I made to compliment my latest bag and the one I will be entering in the Lemon Squeezy Homes Purse Week !

My son gets the results of his first state exams within the hour, fingers crossed ! & thanks for helping me pass the time whilst waiting !

Thanks for visiting !

Siubhan x x x


  1. Wow! Those are great! I love them, and the little clutches. I been thinking about sewing one up for a while, but haven't. Now that I see yours, it has inspired me again! I am following you now!

  2. I like flowers any time of year - that last one is especially beautiful.


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