Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two special gifts for two special girls !

Its been a really busy month in my 'day' job (more like 'morning, noon and night' job !) but all good things come to those who wait! and on Tuesday I had a blissful day off and finally caught up with some of my crafty tasks .

I posted of two packages to two very special young ladies ...

I managed to FINALLY wrap up a gift for my beautiful new niece, Cara Rose.

And her lovely mummy took some pretty nice shots of what was in the package!

The blanket you'll have seen before ! but I made the bag from some really pretty 'Cath Kidson'-esque fabric I found in France last year. Can you see the little bib on the bedpost? I thought I'd give a bib a go after seeing this lovely bibs and tutorial from the lovely Jamie at 'Sew She Sews' . Click HERE to link to the tutorial.

Lovely bib from Jamie at 'sew she sews'
I didn't manage to print off the pattern (no paper!) but I made up my own pattern with a sideplate, a cup & some greaseproof paper! I think it came out pretty good, all that remains to be seen is if it fits the little lady in question ! (& if it dosen't it'll always fit a teddy bear!)

The second parcel was a lovely snuggly pink blanket to my old school friends daughter Grace.
Grace suffers from RETT's syndrome which is a genetic condition. You can find out more about RETT's here. It was Graces seventeenth birthday last month and I know that she looks beautiful in pink so when I saw this wool I just had to make something nice for her.
And I'm delghted she likes it ...look at that beautiful smile !

Have a lovely day wherever you are & thank you for visiting !

Siubhán x x x


  1. Love how you incorporated the ribbon into the bib - great idea! And the blanket is beautiful too! What a great aunt! :)

    1. AwW! Thanks Jamie ! I had a lot of fun making them too !


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