Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ma belle-sœur

Todays a very exciting day in the CraftLee house as we are all thinking about my sister in law, (ma belle-sœur in french) - I love that because she is indeed very belle & lovely! She goes into hospital to have her third child today.
Whilst she's in there, keeping herself busy and out of harms way, (with any luck painting her toenails & reading 'Grazia' though I doubt it somehow!!)

I thought I'd share with you one of the little presents I've made for the new arrival.....

We don't know if its a little baby boy or girl yet so I had to go with something 'gender neutral'....

A wavy blanket of baby zig-zags in shades of primrose, mocca, cream & aqua.
Its taken me about 3 weeks to get it made but I'm pretty delighted with the results !

I followed the pattern in Niki Trench's great book 'Cute and Easy Crochet'. I think I've made almost every project in this book by now. if your looking for a first book of crochet projects its really hard to beat!

Tempted to start another one straight away as theres something really relaxing about seeing all those waves growing into a lovely snuggly blanket.

If its a girl, I may add a few little flowers just to pretty it up a bit more...

 I know, I know its only one blanket HOW many pictures ?!?! I'm just delighted to have it finished in time before the little prince or princess arrives !

You get the picture! now, just for fun, heres Cooper napping at my feel in a lovely warm ray of sunshine !

Have a lovely Sunday & thank you for visiting !


Siubhán x x x


  1. This is sooo pretty! Crochet is on my to-learn list but I cannot seeem to get there! Any tips on how to get started?
    Rebecca @

    1. Aw! Thanks Rebecca!

      I just taught myself how to crochet last year. I bought the book above, a crochet hook & some cheap yarn & just gave it a go! Theres lots of tutorials on youTube you can look up but really you only need to learn how to make a chain, single crochet & double crochet stitch and your away!

      The only confusing thing is that our friends in the US use different terms (our single is their double if Im not mistaken!). I discovered a great site that has LOADS of resources; tutorials & free patterns too ! Good luck & let me know how you get on !

      Siubhán x

  2. Love the blanket! Is it nearly that time of the year again to come and sit on the Sherkin sofa and crochet with me? P x

    1. Thanks P ! & you don't have to ask me twice ! Just say the word & I'm there !


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