Monday, February 4, 2013

How many is too many ?

Spring has sprung and like a demented bunny I find myself skipping from one crafty project to another...
This morning I just had to stop and ask myself today's burning question - 'How many projects have I on the go?'  and the a nswer - 'Far too many !!'

Its time for me to curb my enthusiasm for all things crafty and finish a few of these ....

Having finally finished the wavy blanket for my daughter I instantly started on a blanket for my son. I'm using up lots of (un-girlie) colours and two HUGE skeins of grey yarn I bought in Aldi last winter! The pattern I'm following is the granny stripe from Lucy over in Attic 24.

Next up some wreaths I'm covering in funky French yarn. I'm thinking about making them into spring wreaths or Valentines wreaths - I cant decide which!

I have this lovely apple vinyl thats in the process of being made into a bag for a surprise birthday gift in February ..

And a flowery spring bag all cut out ready to sew...

Yesterday I treated myself to this months Molly Makes Magazine and couldn't resist making a start cutting out this cute little Racoon in front of the telly last night...

And last but not least my lovely purple cardigan I started back in September is STILL waiting for sleeves and buttons !

I'm all for crafty enthusiasm but this is getting out of hand!
I think the ideal number of crafty projects to have on the go at any time is probably 2 - one big one and one small (portable) one. Maybe when I finish all these tasks above I will start to take my own advice and make do with two projects at a time !

How many craft projects to you have on the go ? I'd love to hear I'm not alone!

Thanks for visiting & come back soon !

Love Siubhan x x x


  1. Welllllll, I couldn't actually say how many is too many without incriminating myself....
    Far too many around here for me to want to count at the moment.

    Aahh well, winter is coming and might be the season to leave the paints for a while and get stuck into the crochet.



    1. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone Fi !!! Have a lovely week, s x

  2. My gosh I have too many!!! What I've started to do is when I'm flopping between projects I get large storage baggies to separate each one then label what it is. BUT.. I do leave them out where I can see to motivate me to get it done :-)

    It appears that I like doing multiple projects.....LOL


    1. Hi Cindy ! You've just reminded me of all the projects ive bagged up and tucked at somewhere ! Eek ! Can think of at least another 4 !!!
      Siubhán x

  3. wow! so many gorgeous things!! You are definitely not alone with having loads of projects on the go :) at least you're not short of inspiration! x

    1. I still haven't managed to finish ANY of them & I've started crocheting valentines hearts now !! There's no hope for me !

  4. So many projects, so little time. At least you eventually finish them! :)

    1. Just ONE of the above have been finished since I wrote this post ! & Im hopping off to crochet projects new!!! x

  5. I have too many too! I think that I'm saving myself time and being organised by getting lots of projects prepared (cutting out, sorting threads, casting on....) but I just end up not knowing what I intended to make in the first place. There are worse ways to pass the time though!

    1. Thats the truth Natalie! Thanks for dropping by x


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