Friday, December 21, 2012

Black Beauty

Hello there !
A short post today as like the rest of the known universe I'm rushing and racing trying to get everything ready for Christmas. This year a few things have fallen by the wayside; there have been be very few Cards written in the CraftLee house this year, and if you do receive a card from me I can almost guarantee it will be late!!

My favourite part of Christmas is the chance to get together with friends and family. My siblings and parents are all too far away from me every year, but I do love the opportunity the season brings to catch up with all my great friends closer to home.

Out with my book club friends last week one of the women remarked that if I didn't make her a bag from the beautiful black Irish Linen she admired on a recent visit to my sewing space, then she would have nothing under the tree for Christmas.
Ladies & gentlemen .... I have been that solider! and there was no way I was going to let any poor woman wake up on Christmas morning to a gap where her gift should've been !
Aaaaagghh!! I HAD to get this bag ready in time !

So here she is .....a real black beauty!

Turned out pretty nice ! The Linen was a little bit awkward to work with and benefited hugely from the use of interfacing. I know the new owner reads this blog so I'm not posting a photo of the interior as a surprize for her (yes! I forgot to take a pic !)

I'm truly NOT  in a black mood (turning off the radio & TV news for the past 10 days has helped on that front) but I'm also working on another little black project. My pins are cold so I'm hooking a pair of black leg-warmers (FAME!!! I'm gonna live forever!!!) to wear under my bootcut jeans.
I'm making them up as I go and will post a tutorial if they turn out ok!.
Here's a sneak peek...

A 'V' & three stitch I made up - no doubt it has a real name somewhere !

Yup ! I DO indeed look like the grinch in legwarmers !!!
Hope to post again before Christmas but if I don't ..
Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year, Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragement and I am so looking forward to getting to know you all better in 2013 x x x

Lots of Love,
Siubhan x x x

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