Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dressmaking Class Tonight!

OK so I figured out how to thread the needle and sew a straight seam by myself but if I'm to get better at this sewing lark then I think I'm going to need some expert advice!
Tonight I'm off out for night 2 of my 10 week dressmaking class.. I can't wait !

Last week we learned how to
thread the sewing machine (always handy to know!)
and how to sew a straight line (check!),
make a buttonhole with the buttonhole function on the machine (check!).
My machine at home has no such magical function, :( so I gave it a go WITHOUT using the special buttonhole twiddly bits...... Um ! that ones going to take a bit of practice!)

Anyway , a new week and some new challenges!
We are going to be cutting out our patterns tonight.
We were sent off to pick a (simple) pattern and some fabric.
Never one to do things by half, I've picked two !!!

One simple skirt -
Here's the skirt - New Look pattern no 6035
& no matter what it turns out like No! My legs wont end up looking that good !

The fabric for the skirt is man-made & a little bit slippery a bit more challenging than the cottons I usually sew with.
I love the colours for the skirt and think it'll go well with the crochet cardigan that I started in Sherkin and  I've just got to get those sleeves done !

And one (sort of) simple dress -
Simplicity Pattern 1808 - the fabric is a lovely geometric pattern in autumn shades (&Yup! same deal again with the legs!)

This dress pulls on over your head so it needs to be made from jersey fabric
- this will be a challenge to work with no doubt!
All in all the fabric and patterns cost me about 45 Euros so if i do make something even remotely wearable it'll have been a bit of a bargain & may start a trend for homemade fashions in the CraftLee house!

Thanks for visiting & please do come back soon !


Siubhan x x x


  1. You know what the best thing about blogging is? Making friends all over the world! Hope your dress-making class was a blast.. can't wait to see your finished product!

    Buzzy @ http://frugalfancypants.com

  2. I think that's pretty cool too Buzzy ! Thanks for visiting & be sure 7 check back to see the finished products !! Eeekkk!!! Getting nervous now that I'll make a HUGE mistake before I'm finished sewing!!!


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